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Dare to drive with pleasure and confidence again!

Driving anxiety is more common than you might think and can have various causes. Maybe you've had a traffic accident and you are afraid to drive again. Or you haven't driven for years because your partner always drives, but now you need to drive yourself once more. Maybe you are experiencing a burnout and you want to pick up driving again with guidance, and eventually be able to drive in a relaxed way. Do you have problems with special manouvres such as parking, driving a highway, tunnels, railways etc? You are not the only one who has problems with this.

Whatever the reason, together we can set up a plan that is customized to your wishes, so that ultimately you dare to drive without fear. This gives you back your freedom to go wherever and when you want!


I have a car with full double operation, so besides shifting and braking, I can also accelerate. This way you can get used to driving again in a relaxed way. You set the pace and I only move on to the next step when you are ready. Together we work step by step towards your goal!

You can contact me via the contact form or give a call for more information. We can then schedule an intake where we first meet at your home or somewhere else if you wish. The intake costs € 85, - takes 1.5 hours and when you are ready I will take you in the car and drive a bit. The intake doesn't commit you to take further lessons and you'll get customized advice.