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How many lessons do I need?

Everyone learns in their own way and pace, which means that one student is ready for the exam with 30 hours of lessons and another may need a little longer. It makes little sense to compare with your friends because everyone is unique.

The CBR currently indicates that you need an average of 39 hours of lessons (according to CBR research among exam candidates in 2019) If you are not talented with handling the car and you have trouble with scanning traffic situations, you automatically require more lessons.


During a trial lesson we can see how you handle the car and I can give you a rough estimate of what you need. This is always a minimum number of hours because I cannot see into the future. Together we look what is necessary for you and customise lessons accordingly. There are packages, but you can also take seperate lessons. Did you pass the exam and still have lessons left, then I will pay you back the remaining hours.


You can always take a trial lesson without obligation. This takes 90 minutes, costs €50,- and becomes free when you become a customer. I will pick you up at home and after 90 minutes you will know exactly what you need. Give someone a trial lesson for their birthday. It will make it a birthday present to remember.