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Driving school EigenWijs op weg stands for more than obtaining your drivers license. We also focus on the period after passing the exam where you as a driver are alone in the car and you will gain experience. I deliver custom work in your driving lessons. Together we evaluate the progress of your driver training after every lesson so that you know exactly when you are ready to take the exam.

Do you have a drivers license but you have not driven for years and now you are anxious?

Driving school EigenWijs op weg also provides refresher courses and coaching for those with driving anxiety

In either case: You are central and with Driving School EigenWijs op weg you do not have to bring anyone home during your driving lesson/session. This way you can get the most out of your lessons or sessions and eventually drive with confidence and pleasure.


For this I use the basics of the Driver Training In Steps method (RIS). I have experience with driving anxiety, performance anxiety, ADHD, ADD and ASS. I teach in the Almere and the Gooi region. If you want to know more about me, take a look at About me.