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Driving school EigenWijs op weg is Annemarie Spijksma. I am 34 years old, driving coach, entrepreneur, mother but most important, myself! I love to travel and I get a lot of energy from guiding people with getting their driving license or overcoming their fear of driving. When I have time off I drive on my motorcycle.

I love everything about traffic and I want to give people proper driving training so that I can contribute to road safety. Relaxed, fun and self-confident driving is central. Everyone learns in his/her own way and I respond to this as much as possible so that the maximum learning efficiency can be achieved.

Before I became a driving coach, I worked for 10 years at the Police in Amsterdam in various positions and thus gained a lot of people and social knowledge.

A very nice, educational time, but after 10 years I wanted to do more with training and in addition, traffic always interested me, so I combined these two passions and I followed the education to become a driving instructor B (car ) at de Verkeersacademie in 2017.

The education for driving instructor B was very interesting, but I noticed that I wanted to deepen my knowledge and develop a specialism. In recent years I have studied driving anxiety and performance anxiety. This type of anxiety is quite common and I wanted to learn more about this, so I followed a specialized training. I see a lot of performance anxiety in the car and this is often a reflection of the behavior that occurs when taking exams at school. That is why I offer personalised driving lessons in order to work on this type of anxiety.

With driving anxiety I see that many people with a drivers license haven't driven for years or avoid certain parts of the road. I find this sad to see because you miss a bit of freedom in your life. I like to help people regain their freedom by offering professional and personal coaching.

Ultimately, I also wanted to learn more about ADHD, ADD and ASD and I am continuing to learn about this so that I also can provide customized driving training for this target group.

I am a liscensed driving instructor on the website Rijles en Autisme.

It's my intention to continue learning and developing all my life because I believe that in this way you can deliver quality and thus contribute to increasing road safety. That is why I regularly follow several courses and training, partly for personal development but mostly to incorporate into the lessons.

See you soon in the car!

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