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Reviews from customers

Below are reviews of a number of customers that I have been able to help. Would you also like to post a message? You can do this by sending an email.


  • Annemarie is a very nice driving instructor. It's about driving of course, but you can also have nice conversations with her during class. She is patient and understands when you get stuck somewhere. The RIS method she uses is also very easy and clear. Annemarie has a plan but she is absolutely not rushed. If you have a problem with an element of driving she will do everything to understand it and then you will work with her to fix those problems. I would definitely recommend Annemarie! 6/21/2020 - Max, Blaricum. Type:  Driving course


  • Very pleasant relaxed instructor. "After years avoiding to drive, in a short time, I got back in the car with the driving lessons given by Annemarie. Relaxed understanding instructor." 3/15/2020 - Anonymous, Anonymous. Type: Coaching


  • Fun and educational lessons, fun in the car with Annemarie. "Despite bothering with the CBR around health declaration, Annemarie gets/got the best out of all my lessons. She is calm and understands that everyone has a different learning path. Quiet atmosphere in the car. Very nice learning experience." 3/8/2020 - Jeroen, Almere - Type: Driving course


  • A good driving school with a nice way of teaching. "The first day started with a lot of anxiety and stress to get back in the car. Thanks to Annemarie's calm and patient explanation, I have now reached the stage that I dare to go back into the car all by myself." 2/2/2020 - Marjolein, Loosdrecht. Type: Coaching


  • Top experience after switching from another driving school and now passed the exam the first time! "Had a nice continuation of my education at Annemarie. She will certainly take the time to help you and improve. Thanks to Annemarie her instructive lessons I passed the exam the first time." 1/13/2020 - Isabel, Eemnes. Type: Driving course