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Driving course in steps (RIS)

When you start taking driving lessons with driving school EigenWijs op weg, you will receive lessons according to the driving course in steps method (Rijopleiding In Stappen RIS). Unfortunally, there are no RIS books available in English so I use the basics of this method when you take driving lessons in english. 

This teaching method has been developed by the CBR to train more conscious drivers and because of the structure of this training method you learn to drive a car step by step and ultimately you could need fewer lessons to acquire your drivers license.


The success rate with this method is also higher than regular driving courses. You will receive ampel time to fully master the skills you need to learn.

We keep track of your progress together. To do that we fill in your trainingcard after every lesson. Currently lessons are with a manual transmission. Each lesson is 90 minutes long. This will help you learn faster during practice lessons.

Do you want to know how many lessons you need? You can find that here.

Want to get your drivers license quickly? Make sure you get your theory exam as soon as possible. This will help you during your practical lessons to learn faster.


If you have a medical condition that could cause problems with driving (such as ADHD, ADD, ASS, concentration problems, fysical problems like short arms, legs etc), make sure to fill in your health declaration first before you start with your lessons. It could take a long time before you get clearance for taking an exam, especially when you need to have a medical check or a driving test. So start as soon as possible with this procedure in order to keep your driving training as short as possible. You can contact the CBR for more information.

Need help with your theory exam? I also give private theory lessons, online or at your home. Please contact me to make an appointment.